Build Your Own Acai & Pitaya Bowls


Inspired by our love for the ocean, we created a brand that truly believes anything is possible if you fuel your body with the right amount of 'Vitamin Sea' & sunshine.
Enjoy building your own Acai & Pitaya bowls in your home kitchen & find some added inspiration from the colorful world that we are lucky to live in.


What's included?

» (2) Acai Sorbet Pints
» (2) Pitaya Sorbet Pints

» (1) Bag of Michele's Granola
» (1) Small Jar of Nutella
» Honey
» Coconut Shavings

Enjoy enough supplies to create a total of 8 Acai & Pitaya bowls. Fresh fruit not included, but highly recommended to add to your bowls :)


Check our some of our favorite recipes!


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