Our Story

Cream Cruiser was created in the Spring of 2015 with the intention of becoming a fun way to spend the weekends - being outside, riding bikes around the city and eating ice cream that was sandwiched between two chewy & delicious cookies.  The cookies were baked fresh from a self-taught recipe and made with ice cream from a local, small batch company.  Both the idea of the pedal-powered business as well as the handcrafted, gourmet ice cream sandwiches quickly became a crowd favorite in Baltimore.  

During the Summer of 2015, the sandwiches began selling faster than we could make them.  In order to perfect the production process, we made a few small adjustments - one being that we are now making our own ice cream!  Even with the exciting growth - we are really proud that our ice cream sandwiches are still handcrafted and made locally in Baltimore, MD.

You can purchase ice cream sandwiches from our pink ice cream bike that pedals around the city in the Spring & Summer, at one of our amazing retail locations or ship sammies with your personalized message as thoughtful gifts.