There is no better time than now!

Our ice cream bike business has proven to be both pandemic proof and inflation proof. The bike business model s is not only a smart and safe investment but it also will cost you a fraction of what most start ups will....especially when you put into place all of the lessons, tips and tricks that 8 years of building the Cream Cruiser brand has taught me.

We will take your idea, concept or motivation from start to finish (and if you do not have one yet, that's okay too, we will develop one together!).  All you have to do is come along for the ride and be ready to rock and roll by the time we complete the project.  I will give you specific homework and assignments that I need from you to get the business ready for launch and I will handle the rest, but I know you're busy so a huge benefit of this is that I do majority of the work allowing you to focus on your other job, family or commitments. Your own brand. Your own products. Your own dream. You will finish with a 100% TURNKEY BUSINESS.

Turnkey business = Branding & logo design, a completely built out (and permitted) ice cream bike shipped to your door, product development & packaging, co-packing / production planning, website creation, social media set up & more!

Based off of your individual goals, we will also spend hands-on time teaching you everything you need to know about owning a bike business and how to set yourself up for years of success!