Many Sweets

Many Sweets (sister company of Cream Cruiser) is a manufacturer of ready-to-serve desserts, specializing in authentic Italian gelato. We help small to mid-size gelato & ice cream vendors, restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias, retail operations and more who are looking for dessert solutions to increase sales and grow their business.

We are proud to be a woman owned company and look forward to working with you!

Why Gelato?

Most notoriously found in Italy, the incredible experience of gelato has made its way to the United States and is growing at a rapid pace. Like traditional American ice cream, gelato has become a frozen treat enjoyed by people of all ages.  Since our gelato is made with much less air, it is more concentrated than ice cream, allowing you to enjoy a much more intense flavor. It also contains fewer calories and less than half the fat of traditional ice cream.

Our gelato is prepared from all natural and locally sourced ingredients. We offer a unique variety of both cream and fruit based flavors at a very affordable price. 

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